Your health care, your decision

We prefer to give people more control over their health. As everyone leads their own life and wants to make their own decisions about their life. Just because someone needs healthcare does not mean that we, as health care providers, can fill in what someone wants.

Constant’s story

For Constant van Meel, (former) patient of the Jeroen Bosch Ziekenhuis, control over your health is about the conversations you have with doctors and nurses, on what you can do for yourself and what you need help with. At the Intensive Care, control over your health is about ‘assisting with healthcare.’ Because of the participation menu, family can now wash the hair of their family member or help brushing their teeth. And at pulmonary medicine and cardiology, people get control over their health by measuring their levels at home. Like Mrs Liefmans, who measures her heart rate and oxygen levels.

Constant van Meel - eigen regie

Taking control of your health is easier when you feel at ease somewhere and when you feel that you matter to someone. Then, you can start the conversation as equals. Specialist nurse at Oncology Bert van Rixtel tells us how he takes care of this.

And that is how we work on our bold goal: In 2025 the people of Den Bosch and surroundings give their health care wellbeing the highest rating of the Netherlands.

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